The social mentions happen every time a person or brand is mentioned in a social network or through the web.
Mentions in social networks become a necessary measure for people who need to be aware of the movements of their social networks and the brands they manage.
The social media mentions can be both positive and negative because it does not identify the tone of the publications.
The best proof social media mentions are that they are a good indicator to maintain efforts in social networks and try to see the results of the brand.
This shows you how many mentions of the brand there are in social networks and in this way the brand can become aware and know if it should improve their marketing strategies.
It is necessary to understand that not all the mentions that will exist in social networks will be the same.
Some mentions in social networks can be made by very small or irrelevant followers for your business.
That is to say that several mentions have less impact or are insignificant for the knowledge of the brand.
Another thing to highlight is that in the social media mention if the name of the brand is popular it is more difficult to find it in the mentions.
However, an automatic reading tool called “Reader” is needed; this would help to return the mentions that do not relate to the brand in question.

Social media mention tools

To track and locate the mentions of a brand in social networks, it is necessary that they are calculated during a certain period of time in order to make a good study of them.
For them, different tracking tools are used that you can get along the internet.

Some of them are:

  • Hootsuite: this platform has a section where you can monitor the mentions made by different users on social networks, besides being able to answer them.
  • Buffer reply: In this you will come out in an organized way your social networks, besides being able to respond to mentions, with words, emojis or gifs.

The Social media mention are necessary in the management of digital marketing, so it is necessary to know how to handle them.


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